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"Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated."

💍 Celebrate Your Milestones in Style!

Looking for a picturesque, lakefront setting nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to host your intimate Wedding, Elopement, Engagement, or Family Reunion? Look no further than Wasa Lake Guest House!


🏡 Your Exclusive Venue:
With the capacity to host and accommodate gatherings of up to 10 guests, our cozy guest house provides the perfect backdrop for your special occasion.


📅 Book Your Event:
Contact us today to discuss rates and availability. Please note that to host an event, you must book all the accommodation exclusively for your party.


🌟 Embrace the Moments:
A family reunion is more than just a gathering—it's a time to cherish, to laugh, and to celebrate. It's an opportunity to reminisce over old stories and create new memories.

💞 Connections That Endure:
In the faces of our loved ones, we see echoes of ourselves, spanning generations. It's a chance to witness the resilience of our family bond and to appreciate the gift of belonging.

📖 Honoring Our Legacy:
A reunion is a tapestry woven with threads of shared history—a time to reflect on our journey and celebrate the milestones that have shaped us.


🎉 Embrace the Future Together:
As we come together as a family, we not only honor our past but also embrace the promise of our future. It's a joyous occasion to welcome what lies ahead, united in love and kinship.

"We were very lucky to have found this gorgeous gem. We truly enjoyed our stay. We loved that the beach was so close, and the outdoor kitchen was cozy and so convenient - I wasn't stuck inside cooking and cleaning. We also loved the outdoor shower to rinse the messy children, and the storage available for our food. The sand is so soft and fun to play in and the water was amazing! My kids jumped in about a thousand times! Mary was very kind and accomodating, and we are grateful that she shared her home with us. And she offered use of her 4 kayaks, which we used 3 times and loved it! We would definitely visit Mary's home again."

"Mary and James were very welcoming and some of the nicest people I've ever met. Looking forward to see them again!"

"Fantastic location with a small private beach on a nice, warm lake. Mary was very gracious and helpful for ideas on area attractions. I would definitely go back to this cabin again."

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